Seller's Ascent was created by an MIT trained engineer. When he realized his 9-5 career would never satisfy his true desires, he got serious about building an Amazon business. Seller's Ascent is more than just a training program -- it's a lifestyle and an outlook. It is designed for those who want to make a serious commitment about thier financial freedom.

The system he developed resulted in serious income growth. He performed extensive research and testing and has interviewed and systemized the methods of masters. See what he discovered and how the system will change your life forever.

When Francesca and I first started our Amazon Business, I was working full-time and trying to build a business in the little spare time that I did have, It was a struggle to know how to get started right, what was most important to know and what tools were the best. We soon recognized that not only were we overwhelmed but we were spending too much of our time spinning our wheels.

That’s when things changed! I received a few key and timely insights and some mentoring from one the most giving and caring mentors. He has been selling on Amazon for over 5 years. After some lessons, I realized how close I had been to success. That’s when things started to click, I finally realized what was the most essential knowledge! I quickly began shedding skins, my business was at first a book re-selling business, then a used goods business, then a retail arbitrage house and lastly selling new goods.

I don’t propose any single strategy over the other, I propose them all with the right foundation to build upon. Today, I have a rock-solid income source that is continuously growing, a formula that will grow my business, and more free time to work on exciting projects just like Seller’s Ascent, or wine and dine Francesca at a Bed & Breakfast in New Hampshire.

That burning desire to learn and be part of the grandest marketplace in the history of the world is what fueled me to create Amazon FBA Seller’s Ascent. I aim to build an honest, clear and growth-oriented Selling on Amazon Ascension System where you can heighten your knowledge, explode your income, supercharge your sales, and become an elite Amazon Seller. I hope you live a fulfilled life, achieve your dreams, and get the Seller’s Ascent Pro system!

"FBA's Seller's Ascent is by far the most comprehensive program on the market for how to successfully build your own Amazon business. Alfredo is clearly an expert in his field, and I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about obtaining financial freedom."
Teresa P. Washington, DC
"Thank you Alfredo! I am on the path to work less, make more money, and am much happier. This was really an eye-opener. Why would anyone work for someone else? Seller's Ascent showed me how to create my own business on Amazon cheaply and easily. I thought creating my own business would take a huge investment, but now I know I can build up quickly with a tiny fraction of the money I thought i would need to put into it."
Dante D. Cambridge, MA
"FBA Seller's Ascent is incredible. Thank you again!"
Donald L. Los Angeles, CA

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