"MIT Trained Rocket Scientist Reveals Amazon FBA Business Secrets For Serious Growth."

From: Alfredo L. Morales
Professional Amazon Seller
Creator of the Leading Amazon FBA Business Building System
FBA Seller’s Ascent, The Secrets of Selling on Amazon FBA

When Francesca and I first started our Amazon Business, I was working full-time and trying to build a business in the little spare time that I did have, it was a real struggle to know how to get started right, what was most important to know, and what tools were the best.

There was so much disinformation and plain old bad advice. We soon recognized that not only were we overwhelmed but we were spending too much time spinning our wheels.

That’s when things changed! I received a few key and timely insights from one the most giving and caring mentors. He had been selling on Amazon for over 5 years. After some lessons, I realized how close I had been to success.

That’s when things clicked. Instead of trying to grow my business by force, it became a business about knowledge.

I quickly began shedding skins. At first, my business was a book re-selling business, then a retail arbitrage venture and lastly, selling new products direct from wholesalers.

If you want to escape the 9-5, grow your business beyond your wildest imagination, you need to work smarter—not harder!

As a growing seller, you must have a strong foundation and set your business up the right way, understand profit margin and return on investment. You also need to know how to select the best selling products on Amazon.

Without this core foundational knowledge, you cannot expect to see huge growth. This is your business and your foundation is what all future opportunities are built upon.

If you skip out on this core foundational knowledge, you may make a few dollars in the immediate, but eventually you will plateau.

Based on my experience, there is certain knowledge that all successful Amazon sellers have in this community, regardless of their business model, gadgets or even the best product sources…

Profit Margin—The funnel where all your money must pass. With a strong understanding of profit margin and return on investment, you can select the products that will grow your business the fastest and put the most money in your pocket.

Sales Rank—Deep understanding of Amazon sales rank is critical if you want products that are guaranteed to sell out fast and not sit in your inventory. If you can sell out fast, you can get that money working for you again.

Business Operations—Your business will run precisely how you set it up! So if you want to enjoy more free time while your business grows steadily, you need to setup a system that works for you—not the other way around.

makes sense?

Without these principles, the business experience will be riddled with struggles and unnecessary labor, hoping that something will magically change.

But as you and I both know, “hope” is not a very good business strategy, is it?

Sell on Amazon FBA
"I can wholeheartedly say that Alfredo is extremely passionate and thorough. He has left no stone unturned in the development of FBA Seller’s Ascent. You will not regret purchasing this course."
Cristian D. (Stockton, CA)
"FBA's Seller's Ascent is by far the most comprehensive program on the market for how to successfully build your own Amazon business. Alfredo is clearly an expert in his field, and I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about obtaining financial freedom."
Teresa P. (Washington, DC)
"My mother and I heard so much about 'Online Selling', but we had no idea how to filter through all the information. I didn't have much time to invest, and we needed percise answers to specific questions.

One weekday afternoon, over lunch, my mother praised some 'MIT Engineer' and some of his accomplishments. She snooped around- my mom is usually doing that- and stumbled upon our answer!

Before we even asked, all of our business questions were clearly explained. The author even listed out step by step priorities, and it's been our recipe for success ever since. I am now a 'Retail Merchant' in the Amazon.com marketplace and it's a dream for me to know that my inventory is being sold as I'm out playing soccer. I no longer work at a desk and my new active life puts a spin on "had a tough day at work". In the afternoons, my legs are now sore from all the work I do on the field. :)

It's great Alfredo saved us from making novice mistakes, and showed us the secrets of masters. It's amazing to see my business increase every quarter, and we really appreciate the clear layout of information. Your kit is worth it's weight in gold. Hands down.

I recommend your product all the time and am looking forward to reading more of your valuable advice."
Angelo J. (Astoria, NY)
"Incredible, over-the-top, a master's work. Highly recommended!"
Courtland A. (Atlanta, GA)
"Fantastic! A system of concise and accurate information that I needed to form my own online business. It's all here, in one place."
Lou P. (Port Washington, NY)
"FBA Seller's Ascent is incredible. Thank you again!"
Donald L. (Los Angeles, CA)

When I realized that my Amazon-specific and business knowledge was the most critical part of my business success, I took decisive action and got the right knowledge.

Then, my sales and business growth skyrocketed! Today, I have a business setup that runs while I sleep and is growing at an astronomical pace. And in case you want proof, here it is:

Growth Selling with Fulfillment By Amazon

Every two weeks, my earnings look something like this (and I plan to at least double it by the end of this year).

Business Selling on Amazon FBA

Today, I am a leading Amazon FBA business-building trainer. I offer the only comprehensive Amazon Business Building System with a full money-back guarantee. I will show you how to do it all and teach you how to create a business based on strong foundational knowledge so you can grow with confidence!

With the right knowledge, you have power to grow beyond your wildest imagination and that is what I want to share with you.

FBA Seller’s Ascent: The Secrets of Selling on Amazon FBA was created to give you all the knowledge required for an explosive Amazon business—a real boost! It is specifically designed as a 12 module training series to build your core foundation, show you how to operate each of the possible business models—selling used books, selling new goods via retail arbitrage, and of course, selling new goods direct from wholesalers.

FBA Seller's Ascent: The Secrets of Selling on Amazon FBA

On top of all that, I will provide the crucial secrets that will transform the way you look at your business possibilities and see how you can take your business to the next level.

Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity?

The Secrets of Selling on Amazon FBA Are Now Yours:

  • Overcome “the slow start” that cripples new comers. Discover how you can start slow, increase to medium and increase the speed at your own tempo. Or you can turn the burners on right away. Each technique has its strength and weaknesses but they all make money when performed like a master.

  • Using the right tool for the current job is the key to making a fortune. How the easy to use tools make running your business, finding new products, and getting them to customers a breeze of fresh of air.

  • Join the community of thousands of people who have already supercharged their business.Amazon FBA is a revolution in e-commerce that promises to grow for many years. Fulfillment-By-Amazon has taken the lead in providing a platform to build a stable business even when you are not around. FBA Seller’s Ascent will show you how to fully leverage this opportunity, and once you get your start the right way, I’ll show you how to bring in the cash fast! After that, we will take a stroll down the path of long-term growth and financial freedom. Do you want to know the secrets of Amazon FBA masters? It’s all covered!

  • Why 9 out of 10 people will ignore this OPPORTUNITY and why YOU will BUILD A BEAUTIFUL LIFE because of it.Why most people enjoy working for someone else and how creating your schedule, selling the products that interest you can you allow you to tap into and live through your passion.

  • Explosive growth is just the tip of the iceberg. The fact that Amazon is the world’s largest and fastest growing marketplace is only one of the 21 REASONS why you could be part of the modern day GOLD RUSH.

  • No stinking job pays $10,059.61 every two weeks Two weeks is the time period in between Amazon payouts and you will make WAY MORE PER HOUR than any other JOB. If you want more time, more mobility, a message in your email (or on your smart phone) every time you get paid, that’s a given. My favorite is when I get a message at 1:09 AM, “We’d thought you’d like to know that we completed and shipped your Amazon.com Fulfillment Order to one of your customers.” Good message? How does getting these messages all day long sound while you or whatever else it is you do when you are DOING WHAT YOU WANT TO DO? I’ll show you how to work when you want and get EVERYONE ELSE working FOR YOU.

  • Learn how to get customers to buy YOUR PRODUCT and not the same listed by the competition. Hint: It’s not about having the lowest prices. Why fools who race to bottom never make money and cry about it on Amazon’s forums.

  • Why you would not trust anyone else to teach you how to run your Amazon business. Amazon ‘eBooks’ on the market but I’ll give you all the secrets about my business that you can’t find anywhere. But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. What I’ve done is distilled the most essential and eliminated the fluff into a supercharged business building system.

  • How to turn being OVERWHELMED into a source of INFINITE OPPORTUNITY. Many new sellers complain about being stressed, confused and overwhelmed. That is something that the program Seller’s Ascent was specifically designed to target. Being overwhelmed is a result of being UNDERTRAINED and CONFUSED. See how a simple formula brings clarity to every decision. You will learn to make decisive decisions and avoid common pitfalls to grow your business fast.

  • Discover the power of an automated money making machine. Not only will running your business be easy but also it gets easier every single day. The momentum behind Amazon thing makes your success, freedom, and business nearly guaranteed if you start RIGHT NOW. You see, the thing is that this big, enormous, I mean gigantic opportunity is not going to wait much longer.

  • How many sales will I expect for a product ranked #10,283 in Toys, or #1,942 in Beauty? I will tell you! Yes, I did the analysis and I have the tables to back it up! That’s right; Sales Rank inside out is what I am offering. Even better than that, you’ll discover how to do some serious lurking to discover opportunities that everyone else is ignoring—and I’ll even show you how to quickly identify a false opportunity so you won’t get burned by stocking up on the wrong stuff (that looked like the right stuff). What’s just as important as rank? Yea, I cover all those factors too. I will even tell you about the land of milk and honey, I’m not kidding! The land of milk and honey—I put my word on that.

  • Profit is KING on Amazon! Return on Investment is like water in the desert. You must embody this concept with every single decision you make if you want to build a business that provides explosive growth, short-term profit and long-term freedom. I leave no stone unturned in this area, providing an in-depth training with concrete fundamentals that will take you the next level from the get-go.

  • Interested in Selling Books? Why not? You can buy a $1 book and sell it for $50. Books are an excellent way to grease the skids, cover those Amazon fees for months and get your feet wet. Want to know the complete setup? Everything you need to get going and keeping rolling, administrative tasks and the essential tools and software. How about finding and processing the books like an efficient little engine? That’s covered as well as how to find an endless supply of profitable books and how to process those books efficiently. And selling them through Amazon FBA? Like how to list, price, and manage your books, keep your customers happy, and grow your business? Yes, that’s all covered!

  • If you are transitioning from Ebay to Amazon—You are way ahead of the competition. Yes, it’s worth making the switch and doing both. You can do it with ease and build your business with little effort or risk. And guess what: You can even ship from Amazon FBA to your Ebay customers for about $5. Not bad. Listing is very easy and getting paid is even easier! Make it happen, you can definitely kick it up a notch and find an Amazing Amazon Boost.

  • Do you love the thrill of hunting for the next hot thing? I will show you precisely how to scoop up the hottest toys, games, and brand products. I will give you all of my insider secrets on top of the when, where and how to look so sources never dry up. Spotting deals in the quiet aisles? Covered! Straightforward selection criteria to make money on everything you buy? I’ve laid it out, step-by-step and you should never look at profit FIRST—I’ll explain why it’s a critical mistake and why I always look at profit LAST. Yes—last!

  • If you want to buy from WHOLESALE SUPPLIERS, I will show you the BEST way and I am not pulling your leg. It’s pretty straight forward when you can speak the language of the sales representatives. You speak the language; know the unspoken rules and they will sell to you—it’s that simple. You will no longer be a deer in the headlights. If you already buy from wholesalers—great. I’ll give you a list of over 250+ more! And they don’t sell knockoffs—these are the global leaders in their products! A list like this can easily run you over $500—but it’s part of the business building system and I can’t possibly use them all anyway!

  • Why November and December requires a full GAME PLAN? Did you know that about 40% of your sales for the entire year will come during the holiday season? I will show you how to be very prepared for this upcoming holiday season to reap HUGE profits. Do you know about the sales before the sales? Well if you don’t—I will cover that as well. There is nothing better than sitting on a pile of super-hot toys that are completely sold out—except for you of course!

  • Incorporating automation and outsourcing will allow you to relax for pennies on the dollar. Did you know that staying in your comfort zone is just ONE of the 21 Seller’s Pitfalls? Many sellers get stuck because they fall into these fatal traps and they did not even know were there in the first place. I will identify these fatal missteps that can prematurely end your business and stump your growth. Are you ready to take your business further? Do you want to know the best practices? Are you ready to quit your job and step up your game? Well that is exactly what I GUARANTEE that you will learn from the FBA Seller’s Ascent Business Building System.

FBA Seller's Ascent Program

My Guarantee for FBA Seller’s Ascent is very simple and straight-forward:

You have my personal promise, if you are unhappy with the content and training modules, or with your experience, I will reimburse 100% of the price of the business building system. If this isn’t THE BEST AMAZON BUSINESS BUILDING SYSTEM ON THIS PLANET, I will reimburse 100% of your money.

The price of the entire business building system is less than your first mistake will cost you on the marketplace. The choice is clear… are you ready to go to the next level?

This offer cannot be matched!

Professional Training Courses of this quality can easily cost $5,997- $12,997.

The FBA Seller’s Ascent Business Building Training System contains a series of 12 training modules on the essential foundation building topics, advanced methods, and secrets to build a successful Amazon FBA business. The modules include eBooks, Reports, Video, Audio, Spreadsheets and Resource lists. Each module takes you step-by-step covering each of the 12 essential topics and is specifically designed to heighten your knowledge, supercharge your sales, balloon your profit, automate your business and reinvent your life.

These titles are the topics covered in FBA Seller’s Ascent:

Amazon FBA Seller's Ascent Program Value

FBA Seller's Ascent Total Value: $1,891

I was considering a price of $497 but I want everyone with the passion and drive to get it.

Today’s incredible price is only $97*

Direct Download. Immediate Access.

Full Access to Amazon FBA Seller's Ascent

Satisfaction & Value; 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
* reflects current price

FBA Seller’s Ascent is for individuals, partners or teams who are SERIOUS about their Amazon FBA Business.

Let me tell you what this product is NOT:

  • It’s not about pitching you one way of doing things. It's not about pitching you certain products that may not be right for your business. I will present you all the options and tell you what I use to make money. Period. I love many of the services and philosophies and wish I could use them all but we have to make decisions. This Business Building System is for someone who knows one thing for sure. They are ready to heighten their knowledge, supercharge their sales, balloon their profits, have more free time, and re-invent their life. This product is NOT about mediocrity; it is about RESULTS and making the necessary changes in your OUTLOOK and DECISION MAKING ABILITY.

  • This product is not just about selling using books, where you can quickly make a few hundred dollars per week, finding gems; or only about Retail Arbitrage, finding money making deals with your smartphone; or just about wholesale buying, contacting reps. It’s about EVERYTHING; ALL OF THE ABOVE. Each business model has its STRENGTHS and LIMITATIONS and I will show you what not to do. “Limiting Beliefs” are the #1 cause of why people never achieve the financial freedom they deserve. FBA Seller’s Ascent will SHATTER ALL LIMITING BELIEFS and affirms A SERIOUS COMMITMENT TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM. This program will change your life forever—period!

Selling on Amazon's FBA Program

“Yes, Alfredo! I want full access to your Amazon FBA Business Building System that will heighten my knowledge, supercharge my sales, bring in cash fast and provide long-term financial freedom!”

Today $97*

Direct Download. Immediate Access.

Full Access to Amazon FBA Seller's Ascent

Satisfaction & Value; 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
* reflects current price

FBA Seller's Ascent Money Back Guarantee

FBA Seller's Ascent Program Cover

FBA Seller's Ascent: The Secrets of Selling on Amazon FBA

Today $97*

Direct Download. Immediate Access.

Full Access to Amazon FBA Seller's Ascent

Satisfaction & Value; 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
* reflects current price

Success on Amazon FBA

Look, in reality this all about finding the “locked potential” in you—to grow your Amazon FBA business. Once you discover these timely ideas, you will make the changes and you will be rewarded over and over again, forever. FBA Seller’s Ascent was created performing extensive research and testing, including interviews and systemizing the methods of the masters. See what I have discovered and how the system will change your life forever.

As for me, I will continue living my life, sharing my passions and love for Francesca, my family, friends and the extended world to continue providing delightful products and ideas that change the world. It is with that same love that I bring to you FBA Seller’s Ascent.

To Your Freedom,

Alfredo L. Morales

P.S. Picture this. In just a few short months, you'll have a fresh new perspective and a supercharged business. When opportunity comes a knockin', take it!

Contact me at Alfredo@SellonFBA.com

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FBA Seller's Ascent Program

Today $97*

Direct Download. Immediate Access.

Full Access to Amazon FBA Seller's Ascent

Satisfaction & Value; 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
* reflects current price

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